I was reading a book recently. One of my favorite things to do.  I love reading.  Fiction.  Nonfiction.  Self help.  Children’s books.  Although I steer clear of the Sci-Fi, Fantasy type, I love the feeling when I get to pick up a REALLY good book.  You know the one you just CAN NOT put down.  The one you spend HOURS into the night reading.  Those are the books I love. I follow, and have been following, an author, Mary DeMuth.  She also blogs and lives about 45 minutes away from me.  And yet sometimes I feel like she’s right next door.  Like we just got done having coffee together.  Her authenticity, realness, and willingness to put her heart on the line in front of the public is inspiring. In her book, Live Uncaged, she looks at understanding your past, healing today, and hoping for the future. One of the sections she talks about being optimistic and making a list of what makes you happy. That got me thinking…. What ACTUALLY makes me happy?  What are the things in life that I can say, “I am happiest when…” SO…..here’s MY list of what makes me happy (in no particular order):

  1. I am with people (whether I know them or not).
  2. I am talking with someone from another culture.
  3. I am learning a new language, or at least some words from a new language.
  4. I am able to USE this new language, or at least the few words I DO know.
  5. My house is full of friends, new and old.
  6. There is laughter.
  7. I am meeting new people.
  8. I am learning something new.  I will forever want to learn something new and become a master at it.  And when I master it, totally happiness.
  9. I am able to accomplish something that I never thought I could.
  10. I am spending quality, undivided attention time with a friend.
  11. I am traveling to a new place.  Basically if I’m in a different country.  Especially if I haven’t been there before.  Utter joy.
  12. I am exploring the treasures and “off the beaten path” of a new place.
  13. I am outside in nature.
  14. I am stargazing.
  15. I am cloudgazing.
  16. I am doing something new.
  17. I am able to create things and be creative.
  18. I am able to help and encourage a friend.
  19. I am cooking a great meal for friends.
  20. I find a great hole-in-the-wall.  The “big named” places aren’t always that great.
  21. I am able to grill some great meat….although I’m working on perfecting steak and ribs.  Chicken, pork, and bison burgers seem to be no problem.
  22. I take a road trip with a friend, especially to somewhere we haven’t been.
  23. I am on the beach somewhere, anywhere.
  24. God shows me something about myself that I never knew.
  25. I get to spend quiet time with Jesus.
  26. I get to surprise someone with something.  I love surprises.
  27. I get to celebrate someone’s birthday or other milestone with them.
  28. I get to relax.  Sometimes it’s nice to just “be” and take time for me.
  29. I get to give stuff away.
  30. I get to pray for someone.
  31. I make someone else’s day.
  32. I can make others happy.
  33. I am able to serve others.
  34. I am able to be there for someone in their time of need and help them in a painful situation.
  35. I get to share a new experience with someone.
  36. I see others happy.  Can’t stand it when others aren’t happy.
  37. I can hang out and play with kids.  They are so great!
  38. I am able to be by water, lakes included.  Jet skis definitely help with this.
  39. I am able to support someone in their dreams and goals.
  40. I am able to bring people together for a gathering so they can connect and have a good time.
  41. I am playing some sort of sport or working out.  Whether it be soccer, softball, volleyball, flag football, or just lifting weights.  Love it.
  42. I am able to dance freely without fear of judgement.
  43. I am able to speak the truth freely without fear of judgement.
  44. I get to spend time with someone that is pretty spectacular.  This is when it pretty much doesn’t matter WHAT you are doing, cuz you are doing it together.  And being together is all that really matters.
  45. There is anything COLORFUL!!  I love color.
  46. I am checking things off my bucket list.
  47. I am in front of, underneath, around waterfalls.  Someday….Victoria Falls.  It’s also on my bucket list.
  48. I spot a rainbow.  Or butterflies.  Both have deep spiritual meanings to me that I don’t take lightly.
  49. I get to see a sunrise…and a sunset.
  50. I discover a new truth from God’s word.
  51. I get to sleep in.
  52. I have a great tasting cup of coffee in hand…hopefully sharing the moment with someone special.
  53. I get pampered every once in awhile…who doesn’t like to get a deep tissue massage or little notes or flowers just because.  I love little surprises like that.
  54. I am sitting under a great big tree with a packed picnic shared with friends and family.
  55. I am sitting at an extra large table filled with friends and family and great food with great conversation.
  56. I get to worship my King.
  57. I get to experience and see God work in mighty and powerful ways.
  58. I get to experience different cultures.

I feel like I could go on.  There are probably things that I have missed.  I know there are things I have missed and I’ll probably come back to this and add to.  But the important thing is….what makes YOU happy?  Think about it…and make your list.  Then DO those things.  I would love to hear yours. You Might Also Like