Every where I go, Africa seems to follow me.

The grocery store, church, school, Walmart, Target, restaurants, Starbucks, my job.

It doesn’t seem to matter where I go before I run into someone that is from Africa.  Kenya.  Ethiopia.  Nigeria.  Egypt.  Zambia.  Zimbabwe.  Uganda.  Rwanda.  Ghana.  Congo.  South Africa.  Cote d’Ivoire.  And I love every minute of it!

There is an instant connection.  Like we’ve known each other our whole lives.  It’s like there is a target on my back that says “Talk to me!  I’m in love with Africa!” or “If you are from Africa, you are my new best friend.”  All of this has happened before I started working in a ministry that goes all over the world, including Africa.  I think it’s happened my whole life.

I finally got to go to Africa in 2011.  To Uganda.  Right by the Equator.  Another one of those “bucket list” items, although we didn’t get to go to the actual line, so I might just have to go back.  Before going, even before I signed up to go with e3 Partners, Africa was that place that was in my heart to go but felt so delicate, almost out of reach.  It is buried so deep within my heart and it was made of glass that I didn’t want to do anything too sudden that would break it.  Traveling to other places like Europe was fine.  I’d go, explore, love every minute while I was there, soak it in, and return to America.  But Africa.  Traveling and even thinking about going there feels…different.

While I was there in Uganda, I got to meet lots of people and tons of kids!  They were definitely the highlight of the trip.  With each new child, there would capture a little bit more of my heart.  Their smiles, contagious.  Their laughter, heart warming.  Hanging out with them, being there almost felt like…home.

Leaving was the hardest thing.  Everything in me wanted to jump out of the van on the way to the airport and stay longer.  I had made some great friends who I know would have let me stay with them and I was getting paid through the summer as a teacher.  God would work it out.

But I didn’t stay.  I got on the plane and came back to America.

I continue to cross paths with people from Africa.  And everyone that I meet here in America from Africa seems to become a part of me.  An instant connection.  Like I am a part of their family and they are a part of mine.  Like we are at home.

I feel like God keeps bringing Africa to my mind for whatever reason.  I remember thinking how much I could just sell everything and move to Africa.  Not sure what I’d do for a living or money, but that didn’t matter.  I’d be in Africa!  And I’m sure they could always use teachers.  Teaching there wouldn’t be so bad.

I’m not sure what exactly God’s got in mind or why Africa seems to surround me.  But I know I’m loving being able to do life with the people I do know from there here in America.  And who knows….maybe it will be me doing life in Africa.  I’m pretty sure I could handle that.