She was only 4 years old when she was sold for sex.  4. YEARS. OLD.  By someone she knew.  Someone she looked to.  To love her.  To care for her.  Someone she looked to for guidance and trusted.  Sold at such a young age to another man she knew to do things no 4 year old should have to deal with.

Unfortunately, this story is all too real.  It’s too real for many girls, and even boys, around the world.  28+ million to be exact.  But it’s also one that is happening in our own backyard.

Girls my age.  Younger.  Even toddlers are being sold as property.

I am reminded of the freedom I have.  Freedom to give you my time.  My talents.  My money.  I have freedom to chose what activities to participate in or even what job to hold.  There are so many around the world who do not.  They are continuing to be held into captivity to do things that others want them and tell them to do.  They have no freedom.  They are kept in bondage.  Mentally and physically.

This giving season, this season of generosity, as we go through the malls and stores, whether online or offline, I’m reminded that the things on the racks and shelves are just that.  “Things.”  “Stuff.”  Stuff that will probably make it’s way into the trash or the closest Goodwill within a few months when “Spring cleaning” begins.  Things that will get lost somewhere in the house or stuffed in the back of the closet.  Things that will be forgotten about within days, weeks, months.  Things that so many boys and girls can only dream and imagine what it would be like to even touch them.

Billions of dollars go into advertising and purchasing this “stuff.”  Stuff that none of us really need.  Our humanly flesh, and those crafty marketers, tell us we HAVE to have it.  Never mind the fact that we already have one.  We don’t have THIS model or THIS latest version, or even that color.  So we are convinced by them, and ourselves, that it’ll change your life forever and you will be better off because of it.  So you buy it.

Today, I’m joining my friend across the world who is changing lives forever, changing generations, and making others better off.  I’m choosing to give the gift of FREEDOM.  Freedom from a life unimaginable.  Freedom from bondage.  Freedom from opression.  Freedom to live the life God intended them to live.  Freedom to run, dance, play, and smile.  I’m giving the gift of LIFE!

I ask that you would join with me.  Join with US to give the gift of life.  Give the gift of freedom.  Click here to read more and to donate to help give life and spread the LOVE.  Because every life is truly PRICELESS