Last night, we celebrated.

We celebrated the coming together of Peruvians and Americans taking on the city of Cusco in planting new churches.

Americo is our lead pastor here.  He helped coordinate and gather pastors that would be starting new churches.  And last night, Pastor Americo told us a story.

Americo share2

12 years ago, Pastor Americo was the President of the Pastors Fraternity.  At an opening ceremony for a new water system that he would be at, the President of Peru would also be there.  While at the event, Pastor Americo felt led to provide the President with a Bible, but he also wanted 2 minutes of his time.  Just 2 minutes in front of the President to give him the Bible and share with Him God’s story.

When the time came, Americo was able to give the President the Bible and asked if he could present him with the EvangeCube.  The President agreed and shared the cube.  He asked the President if he would like to accept God’s offer to be His friend.  The President kindly smiled at Americo, thanked him for sharing, and said, “Maybe next time.”

11 years passed, during which time the President was put in prison due to corruption activities.  Pastor Americo again had the opportunity to present the cube to the former President in the prison.  He reminded the President that he shared this message with him once before.  He then asked the former President again if he was ready for God to be His friend now.  This time, the former President accepted the gift of forgiveness and prayed to receive Christ.

Although it took 12 years, Americo’s perseverance, faithfulness in God, and dedication in prayer, along with God providing and making a way, all paid off and the former President of Peru is now looking to Jesus.

What if we were so dedicated to praying for those “lost” around us, those that matter most to us, or even for those in authority?  What if we persevered to the point that even just that one person we so desperately want to see meet Jesus, finally accepts Him?  What kind of world would we live in then?

May God truly bless Pastor Americo and let this story encourage us to never give up hope on those God encourages us to present Himself with or those we are praying for.  For God will complete those things that He started, even if it takes 12 years.