Today’s the day!  

The day we’ve all been waiting for!  The day where we get to truly make a difference in someone’s life, whether we know them or not.

The day where, for some of us, means stepping out of our comfort zone.  Stepping out and giving to a family in need, stepping out and paying for someone’s meal, stepping out and volunteering your time to a friend, family member, or a local food bank, or stepping out and raking your neighbor’s yard.  It is fall and I know my yard could use some help.  But then again, my whole street could use the help.

While for others of us, it’s simply stepping out into faith.  Faith that everything is going to be ok.  Faith that even if you have so many needs, you don’t know all the needs of others, so you can do something about living generously.

Living generously does not have to be all about giving money, but can also be in your talents or your time.  Sometimes it’s just spending 30 minutes with a friend, instead of watching the next episode on TV.  Or spending that 30 minutes with your wife…with your kids.  The TV will be there later.  With technology these days, all episodes are online.  They can be watched later.  You never know how long you will have with people.  They can’t be uploaded and saved online only for you to come back and spend time with them, unless you just like spending time with pictures and videos.  You were also born with talents.  These can be easily used to show generosity.  Able to fix things?  Ask a neighbor or two if they need anything fixed around the house.  Great at graphic design?  Find a start up company looking for some cheap designing done and offer for free.  The sky is the limit!  Use your God given talents and live generously with them!

If you are looking to just simply and quickly give, this project is near and dear to our hearts.  You can just click “Back this project” to help fund it.

Generosity is defined “as the habit of giving without expecting anything in return.”  It is more in the attitude than the act.  Are you giving just because or because He is just?  May we never get in a place where we are giving in hopes that we will someday get everything back.

Generosity inspires Generous Living, and it can spark a movement of transformation.
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