Closing ceremonies on missions are always difficult, but they are also the best.

We were able to celebrate the work that God did through our team this week in Cusco, Peru.  As we walked in, we were welcomed by some singing Qeshewa friends that had worked with our teams throughout the week.


Then it was our turn to sing to them and show them how we roll.  Let’s just say we totally rocked it.


Overall, we had a great time celebrating all that God had done through us throughout the week.  The final results:

541 Presentations

427 Professions

426 Discipleships

218 Kids attended nightly meetings

197 Adults attended nightly I am Second meetings

38 Nationals

Saying good-bye to your new family is always difficult. We’ve spent so much time together for the last week, sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly in ministry, but also of our lives.  Being able to hang out with these guys and do ministry together this past week, was such a blessing.  They are such awesome guys and their heart for God and His people are amazing.  Dicner and Williams….you will be missed, but I know that you will continue to do amazing things for God.  James…you’re a rock star.  We were truly blessed by you and your service on this team.   And to the rest of the Peru team….you are ALL amazing!  It was such a blessing and joy to get to know each of you.  I look forward to hearing about all your next adventures in life….trip 32 Mike?