Being able to see is a blessing.

When you can’t see very well, it makes your every day living a lot more difficult.  In America, most of us have the opportunity and even the privilege of going to see a doctor to have our eyes checked.  We even have insurance that helps pay for some of this.

In other countries, people are not so lucky.

Cusco, Peru is 11,000+ feet above sea level.  Much closer to the sun than most of us.  Working in the sun or in dark places is the norm.  Having yearly physicals, 6 month check-ups at the dentist, or yearly eye exams are not.  As a person ages, so do their bodies…muscles, bones, lungs, eyes.  Without proper care and check-ups, these deteriorate and make life harder.

When doing an eyeglass clinic along with our evangelism, we are able to show God’s love to the people, help open their eyes to see the world more clearly in which can help in their day-to-day lives and their work, as well as open their eyes to seeing Jesus, no matter who they are or what they look like.

One such person was a quadriplegic.

His friend came to us in the morning and received glasses, and wanted this so desperately for his friend, but couldn’t get him downstairs because he is in a wheelchair.  But that doesn’t stop us from going to him.

Sara, one of our eyeglass workers, took the materials she needed to go see this friend upstairs.  Showing him the card, he clearly could not read very well.  Putting on a pair of glasses, it was literally like his eyes were opened and he could see.  Sara opened up the Bible randomly and had him read.

And read he did.

Tears began filling his face, Sara’s, and many others in the room.  God’s love poured in that room.  Even if he can’t hold his Bible, he can now read it.  As we were leaving, he told us that his friend was going to build him a stand to put his Bible in front of him so that he can read it without someone having to hold it for him.

God was able to work through us to that man.  Although we may not think a simple 50 cent pair of glasses can mean something, it clearly meant something to that man.

This is not the only story of a simple pair of glasses changing someone’s life.  It is one of hundreds that occurred this week.