The start of the trip wasn’t your typical start.  But when you travel in a group, it never is.

We have 8 different people coming from 7 different locations.  An hour before take-off, a phone call from our key leader to tell us they are on their way and may not make it is the last thing you want to hear, especially when they have all the information, and cash, you would need when you get to your destination.

Arriving 40 minutes before take-off for an International flight, the check-in gates were closed.  Everyone gone, except one woman taking care of closing things up before heading home.  With bags in hand, ready to check-in and go, she denied access.  “No way that we can get you on,” she says.  “Not today.”

As I run back through Security with the info and the cash, I pray that He’d make a way.  We just can’t go without them.

And that’s exactly when God comes in.  Because He’s a good God.  A Daddy that supplies all our needs.  He takes care of us.  Above and beyond all that we could ask or think.

As I’m relaying the information to the rest of the team that we are to head out without them, He’s working His miracle on the other side.  As we gather our belongings and prepare to board the plane, the ticket agent I had relayed the information to about our friends trying to make this flight, called me out of line to talk with him.

“You’re friends, the Hail’s, they are coming through Security now.  They are being escorted through Security now and will make it.”

The utter shock on my face was his cue to keep telling me the one thing that seemed impossible.  They were going to make it.  They were going to be boarding the flight with us.

And although their bags might not be with them until tomorrow, it reminds us that God is with us always.

He NEVER leaves us.  He ALWAYS makes a way when we feel there is none.

So after 3 cities, 2 planes, and 10 hours of travel, we all (minus 2 bags) made it to Lima, Peru.  With Jesus right by our side, every step of the way.