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Touchdown Peru

The start of the trip wasn’t your typical start.  But when you travel in a group, it never is. We have 8 different people coming from 7 different locations.  An hour before take-off, a phone call from our key leader to tell us they are…

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Stolen Joy

Joyful. A word I have heard all my life to describe me. Everyone that knows me or comes in contact with me uses this word to describe me. However, the past 2 years have not been so joyful in my life.  Not the way it…

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Pick Up Your Sword!

Problems. We all got ’em.  Yet we tend to believe that our problems are bigger than someone else’s problems.  We tend to focus on them so intensely, that we lose sight of reality.  Of our strength.  Of our blessings.  And even worse….Jesus. We allow them…

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